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Make A Booking

It's easy to book an interpreter. You can:

    Telephone 1300 883 484     Letter     Email      Online

All bookings must contain the following information:

         the enquirer's name     the company name and telephone number of the organisation the enquirer represents     the date, day and time of the appointment     the language and/or dialect required     the name and the contact person (medical, professional, legal practitioner, etc.)     the address where the interpreter needs to attend     the estimated duration of the appointment     your reference


         Generally we can confirm your booking on the spot. However, all bookings are provisionally accepted subject to our  co-ordinating staff endeavouring to comply with your request. In the unlikely event that time (or availability of  interpreters) prohibits compliance, we will advise you prior to the scheduled appointment.

Payment of Fees

        Individuals are required to pay immediately subsequent to the assignment     Clients without an approved credit facility must undertake to pay the agreed fees, including any applicable     cancellation fees, within 30 days of the date of the assignment.